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In a world that is constantly changing and reinventing itself, where the laws governing our citizens can and do change as frequently, we combine our knowledge, skills and experience to effectively serve our clients as evaluators, advisors, advocates, intermediaries and negotiators. 

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Expanded Practice Areas

Just as the social and financial landscapes have changed in recent years, drastic changes have occurred within the legal community and the practice of law itself. In an effort to evolve and modernize, Fletcher & Fletcher expanded two of its existing practice areas and added an entirely new practice area in order to meet the demands and needs of not only its existing clients, but also those of potential clients.

Preventive Lawyering
Also referred to as “Litigation Avoidance”, preventive lawyering seeks to prevent disputes and ultimately litigation itself. It is one thing to defend and prevail in a lawsuit, but quite another to conduct your business in such a manner so as to avoid litigation altogether. The costs of defending yourself and your business in litigation have grown exponentially. Anyone who has been sued knows that even when you prevail much is lost. It is for this reason that alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation have grown in popularity.

Obviously it is impossible to guarantee you will never be sued, but seeking guidance and advice prior to being served with a summons vastly enhances your chances to avoid litigation altogether.

Preventive lawyering includes reviewing contracts, leases, invoices, employee handbooks, business entity evaluations, asset protection, and so forth. The diverse backgrounds of the attorneys at Fletcher & Fletcher aids us in giving a complete evaluation and review of your individual cirmcumstance, both personal and business, and evaluating how they relate to estate planning and asset protection.

Non-Traditional Families
Whether “non-traditional” is defined as single parent households, blended families, or in reference to the LGBT community, at Fletcher & Fletcher we strive to protect our clients' wishes with respect to formalizing relationships for legal recofnition, estate planning, and protecting choice in financial and life-prolonging matters in a confidential and non-judgmental setting.


Attorney Timothy Fletcher is a registered mediator. Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences in a non-confrontational setting eith the overall goal of peaceful resolution. The mediator does not impose a decision on the parties, but works with the parties and their attorneys to resolve the dispute. One of the many benefits of mediation is that disputes can be resolved in a manner that is tailored to the particular problem.

Formalizing relationships between unmarried couples

Attorneys Wendy A. Fletcher and Stephen J. Sullivan of Fletcher & Fletcher are quoted at length in the August issue of Indiana Lawyer on the need for Cohabitation Agreements and Power of Attorney documents for unmarried couples - heterosexual and LGBT couples. This article can be found by CLICKING HERE.


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